"It is obvious that the management of the gym has the highest standards when it comes to staffing the facility with the most knowledgeable and experienced personnel possible."

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Since coming to Armstrong Athletic Club I am able to do things that most people take for granted."

"I have exceeded my fitness goals. I feel stronger and more self-confident than I ever thought possible."


Armstrong Athletic Club is not your typical athletic club in fact, it appears to be unique in the country. The newly-constructed, 14,435 square foot, state-of-the-art facility targets men and women 25 years of age and older and the issues related to this specific age group. By limiting the number of memberships and by following an exclusivity model, Armstrong Athletic Club is able to focus on personally assisting each member with their fitness goals.

Heart rate monitors are no longer required but still recommended, especially if you go through our metabolic testing. This makes it possible to use heart rate zones to control each workout, whether it is racquetball, resistance training or group exercise classes. By teaching members about heart rates, they have learned to work smarter, not harder, to achieve their fitness goals.

Customer service is outstanding at Armstrong Athletic Club. Staff constantly monitor members' activity in the gym by talking with them and offering ideas and solutions to ensure each member's needs are met.

Armstrong Athletic Club is the leader in the health and fitness industry in our community.