"It is obvious that the management of the gym has the highest standards when it comes to staffing the facility with the most knowledgeable and experienced personnel possible."

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better. Since coming to Armstrong Athletic Club I am able to do things that most people take for granted."

"I have exceeded my fitness goals. I feel stronger and more self-confident than I ever thought possible."

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Regardless of your fitness level or exercise experience, an initial fitness assessment is a very important tool to get baseline measurements of your current fitness level, posture, body composition, muscle imbalances and restrictions. This is recommended prior to personal training because it gives valuable information to help prescribe your exercise outline. A six-week exercise program will be designed to give you the structure for success. A follow-up training session with our staff will allow you to be guided through your program and give you the opportunity to ask questions.n Based on this evaluation, you will be able to set appropriate goals and be able to look back at a later date and see the improvements to help with motivation. This can be individually purchased whether you want personal training services or not.